Please read our Policy Statement carefully.

Regarding Enrollment

  1. Parents should complete Enrollment Form and acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by terms set out in this Policy Statement.
  2. Telephone or Whatsapp reservations must be followed up by payment and payment record. Class(es) cannot be confirmed until payment has been made in full within 24 hours.
  3. Blooming Talents Education Centre (hereinafter referred to as “Blooming Talents”) reserves the right either to release to other students or to cancel outright any offer of lessons which have only been reserved verbally or in respect of which the relevant payment confirmation deadline has passed.
  4. A minimum enrolment of 2 students is required for any class to commence and Blooming Talents reserves the right to cancel a course in the event of insufficient enrolment, in which case the student will be offered a transfer to another suitable course or enrolment in a private lesson upon payment of the price difference. Refunds will be issued if there is no suitable course or private lesson available. Teachers are assigned to courses at the discretion of Blooming Talents, subject to course demand and teacher availability.

Regarding the Payment of Fees

  1.  i) Tuition fees are charged on a monthly basis and are due by the 1st of each month.
    ii) Payments received after the 7th of each month will be subject to a $200.- late fee.
    iii) If payment is delayed for more than 7 days, your child’s place may be released to other students without further notice..
  2. Class times can be changed once month without charge. Thereafter, a $100 administrative fee will be charged for each change.
  3. A $200.- administrative charge will be applied for any cheque returned by your bank.
  4. We regret that we cannot, under any circumstances, give refunds or credits for any classes already paid for.
Regarding Absence from Class(es), Sick Leave & Make-up Classes
  1. We can arrange make-up classes only for children who miss their regular class due to ill health. If your child has to be absent for a class due to ill health, we require at least 4 hours notice prior to the start of the class. Also, a doctor’s note is required by the following class. We cannot arrange make-ups for other reasons.
  2. If our available dates for make-up classes do not match your child’s availability, we cannot guarantee a replacement class.
  3. A maximum of 1 make-up class may be arranged per month.
  4.  Make-ups are non-transferable, non-refundable, and need to be taken within a month from the date of absence.  In the case of no-show without prior notice, the make-up class cannot be rescheduled. Make-up can only be rearranged twice.
  5. We cannot guarantee that our make-up classes fit your child’s schedule, in which case the make-up will be forfeited after the one-month expiration date except for special circumstance such as COVID which we will try our best to be flexible and accommodate.
Regarding Enforced Closures
  1. In the event that students are on the premises when red rain or black rain or typhoon signal number 8 or higher have been raised, Blooming Talents will be appropriately staffed to look after those students arriving and leaving to ensure their safety.
  2. Blooming Talents will be closed when typhoon signal No. 8 or above or black rainstorm warning is hoisted.  Classes affected will switch to online at the same time – unless our team informs you otherwise or has previously confirmed alternative arrangement.  Face to face classes will resume two hours after such warnings are lowered or removed.
  3. Individual lessons or group lessons that are canceled due to adverse weather conditions will be rescheduled within 24-hours of allocated times arranged by  Blooming Talents.
  4.  If students cannot attend the lessons at the given times, then there will be no additional re-scheduling or refund for the lessons.
  5. Given the uncertainty of COVID situation, as contingency, if any classes are affected by covid, for your child’s safety and to minimize disruption to your child’s learning, the class will switch to online at the same time – unless our team informs you otherwise or has previously confirmed alternative arrangement.
Regarding Leaving Blooming Talents / Cancelling Classes
  1. We assume that your child will continue with classes from term to term unless you notify us otherwise in writing. We require 1 month written notice prior to your child’s leaving, or fees will be charged as usual. Where 1 month notice is given, any remaining pre-paid deposits will be used to offset any tuition fee due. Deposits paid are non-refundable and non-eligible for credit.