Speech and Drama Exams

Our speech and drama classes offers lessons that cater to the syllabus and grading criteria for the Trinity London, Lamda and LCM Exams.

The Trinity London, Lamda and LCM Exams are recognised worldwide and are assessed by visiting examiners. Apart from being beneficial for students seeking to gain an additional arts GCSE or A-level GCE requirements, these exams also serve as a valuable focus and achievement for students and provides a tangible measure for their effort and dedication. Moreover, all exams significantly contribute to a student’s UCAS points when applying to UK universities. For example a grade 6 distinction for a Trinity exam can earn students 40 points, which will offer students an advantage in meeting the grade requirements for their desired university courses.

In summary, speech and drama examinations holistically reward and enrich students’ education, creativity, and artistic abilities. They offer a comprehensive learning experience that equips students both academically and artistically, while also enhancing their prospects for future educational pursuits.