Speech & Drama – Speech festivals, Trinity, LAMDA, LCM Exams

Speech & Drama training: The key to confident communication, self-expression, and growth.

Drama serves as a powerful vehicle for communication, forming the bedrock of the performing arts. It offers a platform for individuals of all ages to delve into the realms of exploration, experience, and enjoyment by assuming new characters, all the while relishing the process of manipulating their voices and mastering the art of expressing themselves with clarity and confidence. The communication skills honed through drama readily transcend the stage, finding practical application in the wider world. It equips each individual with the invaluable ability to engage in conversations with assurance, to stand tall, and to effectively convey ideas in any given situation. Drama, in essence, acts as a tool to foster the growth of self-esteem, creativity, and self-expression within each person who embraces it.


Cultivate confidence and self-expression

Foster tolerance and diversity

Develop active listening skills

Collaborate effectively in a team

Enhance vocal projection abilities

Communicate effectively within a group

Encourage creative thinking

Appreciate and analyze diverse literature


Versatility in creating characters

Mastery of voice control and expression

Familiarity with drama and theatre practitioners

Proficiency in improvisation techniques

Understanding of stage management and theatre production

Ability to portray diverse and eccentric characters

Leadership initiative

Our speech and drama classes offer lessons that cater to the syllabi and grading criteria for the Trinity London, LAMDA, and LCM Exams and our students participate in various speech festivals and competitions throughout the year.

The Trinity London, LAMDA, and LCM Exams are recognized worldwide and are assessed by visiting examiners. Apart from being beneficial for students seeking to gain additional arts GCSE or A-level GCE requirements, these exams also serve as a valuable focus and achievement for students and provide a tangible measure of their effort and dedication. Moreover, all exams significantly contribute to a student’s UCAS points when applying to UK universities. For example, a grade 6 distinction for a Trinity exam can earn students 40 points, which will offer students an advantage in meeting the grade requirements for their desired university courses.

In summary, speech and drama examinations holistically reward and enrich students’ education, creativity, and artistic abilities. They offer a comprehensive learning experience that equips students both academically and artistically, while also enhancing their prospects for future educational pursuits.

Phonics and Reading Fluency

At our Phonics and Reading Fluency classes, we nurture your child’s letter recognition, sound association, blending, and sight-reading abilities. Through captivating activities, we instill the confidence and independence needed for them to become skilled readers. Additionally, this course establishes a strong groundwork for their future success in spelling and writing. Our ultimate aim is to provide young learners with the essential tools and strategies to excel in reading with confidence.

  1. Comprehensive Phonics Approach: Our course offers a comprehensive set of more than 120 phonics workbooks. Starting from single letter sounds, we will guide children through the process of blending consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words, vowel-vowel-consonant (CVVC) words, CVCe words, consonant digraphs, and much more. Each workbook is carefully designed to provide progressive and engaging exercises that reinforce phonics skills step by step.
  2. Integration of Phonics and Sight Words: We understand the importance of a holistic approach to reading instruction. Alongside phonics, we will also emphasize the learning of sight words. By combining phonics and sight word recognition, we will provide children with a robust foundation that strengthens their overall reading ability. This integrated approach will enhance their vocabulary, reading comprehension, and overall reading fluency.
  3. The Power of Phonics: Learning phonics offers numerous benefits for young readers. By understanding the relationship between letters and sounds, children gain the ability to decode words independently. Phonics instruction improves their spelling skills, expands their vocabulary, and enhances their overall reading comprehension. It empowers them to tackle new words with confidence, laying a solid foundation for lifelong reading success.
  4. The Significance of Reading Fluency: Reading fluency plays a vital role in children’s reading development. Fluency is the ability to read accurately, smoothly, and with expression. Through our course, we will focus on developing fluent readers who can effortlessly decode words, recognize sight words, and read with appropriate speed and prosody. Fluent readers experience increased comprehension, enjoyment, and engagement with texts, making reading a pleasurable and meaningful experience.

Join us in this immersive Phonics and Reading Fluency course, where we will unlock the keys to reading success. Through interactive activities, engaging exercises, and a supportive learning environment, we will guide children towards becoming confident, skilled, and fluent readers. Get ready to embark on an exciting learning adventure that will shape their literacy journey for years to come!