Spotlight on Our Future Leaders at the 21st Century Cup!

An extraordinary day for our centre as our little orators swept up 9 out of 13 prizes at the 21st Century Cup English Speaking Competitions 2024! 🌟

Hats off to Skya, the Overall Champion, and Andrew, the Overall 1st Runner-Up—you both have set the bar high! 🎩

Applause echoes for Ariella and YIM Sun Chee, our Creative Performance connoisseurs, for their visionary performances. 🎨

Madelyn, hailed as the Most Promising Speaker, we see a bright oratorical path ahead for you! 🔮

Nathaniel, with his enthralling performance, has rightfully earned the Most Appealing Performance Award. 🏆

Ariana, your courteous demeanor has been beautifully recognized with the Best Manner Speaker Award. 💐

Valerie and Alessandro, your theatrical flair has rightfully won you the Best Stage Performance Award. 🎭

And in the Junior secondary division, the remarkable siblings Clarisse and Calissa have shined, with Clarisse securing the 2nd Runner-Up position and Calissa winning the Best Manner Award. 🌼

Let’s celebrate the voices of tomorrow that resonate with confidence and charisma today! Here’s to nurturing more champions! 🎉

🌟 A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Students and Parents 🌟

As we reflect on the success of our students at the 21st Century Cup English Speaking Competitions 2024, we are filled with immense gratitude. To our students, your dedication and hard work have not only brought accolades but have also inspired us all. Your efforts have turned challenges into triumphs, and for that, we are incredibly proud.

To the parents, your unwavering support and the countless hours spent practicing with your children have been the cornerstone of their success. Your encouragement has shaped them into confident speakers and gracious winners.

Together, we have created a community of excellence and camaraderie. Thank you for every practice session, every word of encouragement, and every moment of belief in our students’ potential.

Here’s to our young orators who have spoken with eloquence and to the parents who have stood by them every step of the way. 🏆💐


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「21世紀杯」🏆 全國英語演講比賽 – 比賽結果

由中國日報於1996年創辦,全國規模最大的英語演講🎙️比賽之一 —— 「21世紀盃」全國英語演講比賽 “21st Century Cup” National English Speaking Competition 香港賽區賽事已於7月15日假香港萬豪酒店完滿舉行。

Blooming Talents 今年有幸成為首屆幼兒組比賽的協辦單位,並提名多位學生參賽。參賽人數接近二百人,在多輪影片及現場遴選後,一共有十八位幼兒組學生脫頴而出,當中我們的K3 學生 Linus ( 學之園幼稚園 )更勇奪幼兒組全場總冠軍,而K2 的Valerie ( 基督堂幼稚園 )則獲得幼兒組亞軍。 此外,還有數名學生獲得其他獎項,成績相當彪炳。🎉🎉🎉

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如此大型的比賽,我們當然也有不少學生參加了初小、高小、初中和高中組的比賽,其中更有兩名初小學生進入最後的總決賽,而S2 學生 Clarisse (聖保羅男女中學 )還成為了初中組的亞軍,實在可喜可賀。👏🏻

最後,各組別的最後入圍參賽者與及得獎者均被邀請出席盛大的頒獎禮,出席典禮的嘉賓來頭不小 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 , 全都是政商界名人,當中還包括香港特別行政區政務司司長陳國基。老師看到學生在台上自信和出色的表現,實在與有榮焉。期待你們來年有更大的進步,為未來的人生寫下更多精彩的一頁。




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