Telling oral stories gives kids a chance to hear their own voices and communicate messages to others in ways that socially reinforce effective communication.
Story Telling helps to prepare your kids for successful school applications

Storytelling – The Communication Skills that Schools Value

Arguably one of the most important jobs of a parent is to help develop a child’s confidence and sense of self-worth. As technology has advanced to allow access to different sources of influence, this parental responsibility has become increasingly more difficult. The overcrowding of schools and undervaluing of educators have made classrooms and hallways a breeding ground for bullying and negativity.  Now, more than ever, kids need to be involved in activities that build their self-esteem and give them the confidence to grow into happy, fulfilled individuals. Did you know storytelling and reciting poems have been proven to boost confidence in people of all ages?

Why Polish Communication Skills?

At some point in life, every person experiences anxiety related to communication skills. As with anything, an increased skill level can lead to less frustration and more confidence. When young children practice reciting poems and storytelling, they are practicing language and communication skills. They are inadvertently experimenting with voice and messaging, as well as body language and emotion. Even kids who are strong readers, are not always strong communicators. Telling oral stories gives kids a chance to hear their own voices and communicate messages to others in ways that socially reinforce effective communication. Just like muscle memory of any other muscle in your body, the tongue must practice perfecting the craft of performing its bodily duty of creating language.  Storytelling and reciting poems give young children the practice they need to gain proficiency in communication, which in turn builds confidence and a sense of accomplishment and ability.

Preparation and Problem-solving

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Increase in Social Skills The ability to communicate and ability to socialize go hand-in-hand. Young children who can communicate can make friends more easily.  Reciting poems and engaging in storytelling, gives kids the opportunity to learn enhanced social skills. When children are telling stories and reciting poetry, they are evaluating feedback and adjust delivery based on natural reinforcement from their audience. While listening to stories, young children are processing verbal and non-verbal language, as well as deciphering character traits and messaging. They become better listeners and receivers of information through the process of engaging with an audience and with other people involved in the storytelling. Social anxiety can destroy a person’s confidence, especially a young child. Equipping kids with the tools necessary to navigate life, boosts their confidence and self-reliance. It also allows them to use their social abilities to establish a network of resources, increasing the probability of becoming satisfied and successful adults.

Reading Readiness

Reading is one of the first academic skills young children are introduced to. In school, reading is a heavily targeted skill, and for good reason. Written language is everywhere! Kids who have a better grasp of reading readiness skills, have higher self-esteem and confidence. One of the best ways to increase reading skills is through fun activities that emphasize language, such as storytelling and reciting poems. The more confidence young children have in their reading abilities, the more confident they will be in general. They can understand the world around them more clearly and assimilate with others to form positive relationships. The acquisition of reading readiness skills reduces feelings of anxiety and increases self-confidence.

Building Confidence Through Storytelling and Poetry

There is a famous quote used in speeches and on posters that sums up the way storytelling and poetry recital build confidence in young children: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. When children have a safe space to practice and make mistakes, they learn to grow and trust in themselves. Storytelling and poetry recital allow young children to practice communication, social skills, and problem-solving.  It heightens their abilities to listen and to deliver information. This builds up kids’ self-confidence and ability to navigate whatever life throws at them.  Encourage your kids to tell you stories and to listen to the stories of others to reinforce these skills and watch their confidence grow!